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We know how to write a resume or curriculum vitae that delivers results — with the right structure, content and design

Our resume writing service includes

A dynamic layout, carefully planned and structured to deliver a professional finish

Professional language with accurate grammar, syntax, and tense and keywords tailored to your industry sector

A personal profile, presented in our unique and proven style that highlights personal qualities and attributes

A highly readable, succinct writing style that articulates what you have to offer without wading through irrelevant information

Your resume is one of the most important documents you own. To be successful, it needs to contain the right mix of information to demonstrate your capability to potential employers in the most effective and concise way.

Research shows that recruiters and employers can spend less than 10 seconds deciding if they will read your resume in detail or whether it goes into the ‘no’ pile. We help clients use those 10 seconds well, by writing compelling resumes that maximise your chance of being asked to an interview.

Competitive resumes are more than a typed list of your employment history. A Successful Resume blends your professional profile with your unique abilities. Your resume clearly and concisely details who you are, what you have to offer and how you will fit into a prospective employers business culture. With the increased use of applicant tracking software, it also needs to be keyword rich and formatted to ensure your content parses appropriately so you can be considered.

We are not a typing service nor do we collect your information and deliver a template resume. We want to get to know you, your work history, your achievements and where you want to go in the future; to write a resume that reflects you and your unique career. We are proud to have supported clients from across the Region as they progress through their career and look forward to talking to you about how we can help you take your next career leap.

A modern resume that meets modern needs

Our team of human resource, management and marketing professionals have created resume styles that not only look good but are specifically designed to meet the needs of employers, recruiters and human resource professionals. Although we tailor each of our resumes to suit our clients needs, these resume samples provide an example of our ATS compliant formatting and styles.

resume_example_ resume_mining_trade
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